Most frequent questions and answers

Miss Continent is an annual competition/pageant held every new year. It was founded on August 2021 and the first competition began in February 2022. Our location is in the United States and the company was founded by Athena Blackwood. Our motto is “Confident. Enchanting. Passionate.”.

The purpose of the competition is to empower women from all over the world. Build the confidence they need in order to do their absolute best and help build careers. This competition challenges all models in every way and helps them discover new things. The journey is long but it’s only the beginning. We appreciate and value our delegates.

Full schedule can be viewed here before entering.

The 2023 Schedule

Our competition timeline is 5 months. If you plan on entering, you cannot have anything else scheduled that will collide with the pageant. To have the honor of being a delegate is hard work and a privilege. Miss Continent will be held from January to May 2023. All events are on the weekends and rehearsals is weekday (with various hours).

To enter Miss Continent 2023, visit the Competition Process and Rules pages. Follow the step by step process to enter. Bookmark the website to have easy access.

Since we started we always believe all delegates should represent the countries they live in, lived in the past, part of their family tree or heritage. The application will give more instructions.

The selection of the prizes changes every year, but some prizes do stay the same. This includes Miss Continent Crown, Division Crown (Continent Winners), Runner Up Tiara, Sub-Titles Tiara, and benefits related to The Rouge Organization.

This pageant is for women only. Must be an adult and 21+ in real life. Nobody under the age of 21 can enter or underage looking avatars allowed. 

The runway events will be held at The Rouge.

The finals of Miss Continent are held at The Rouge Auditourm. Finals are invite only, and the region is closed to the public.

Athena Blackwood
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Salty
Marketing Director

Gabie Meads
General Manager

Sofia Bardot
Backstage Host

Yes, it is an investment to participate. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Competitions and pageants are not free. Set a budget for yourself before entering.

Yes, we are and always have been since 2014. The delegates will get to view their full score sheet on a private protected page. The judge’s names on the score sheets will be hidden for privacy protection.

Yes, a candidate can lose votes. It is usually for serious reasons that is related to a rule or condition in the contract. If this does happen it will be noted on the voting spreadsheet.

It is required for a judge to write feedback in all the events. The feedback will not be public knowledge.

The only piece of information delegates know in advance is the information on the website. Nothing else is given or shown in advance.

No, you do not need to be a Professional Model to compete in Miss Continent. Basic experience is required for entering.

Yes, there is a delegate and winner contract. Both contracts are updated every year. The purpose of a contract is to the protect the company and it lets a delegate know what is required. There is an Competition Rules/Conditions contract applicants must read and sign before continuing the process.

The winner of Miss Continent is not allowed to compete again. The runners up can compete again but must skip one year.

This is an important question many answer differently in each company. What really makes a competition/pageant company different is the people behind the scenes. How events are organized, delegate are treated, the experiences for the delegates, the opportunities given during or after the pageant has long ended and more.

Ask yourself, do you want to stay true to yourself no matter who you are or what you look like. Then we promise you this is the place for you to grow, learn, open doors and much more for your career. No matter if you are a student, designer, blogger, photographer, artist, builder or even a veteran model. Old fashion hard work and earning your way is part of our values.