Before doing anything check the Competition Process to have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to pass the Application process to get and Audition.

View the full schedule. Make sure you are available for all the required events throughout the season.

Miss Continent 2023 Application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you do not speak fluent English, then use a translator inworld.

  • Must be a female.
  • Must be able to voice.
  • Must be 21+ to enter.
  • Under 21 is NOT allowed to enter.
  • No child avatars allowed.
  • No underage looking avatars.
  • No alt accounts allowed.

Portrait 1024 x 1024 & Full Body 2500 × 1800

**Photography must be your own work.**

(a) After entering the pageant, you will need to wait until the date stated on the schedule. We have shortened the waiting period from one month to two weeks for each entry acceptance and auditions. 

(b) The audition’s themes are different for all rounds. If you happen to audition more than once because you did not pass the first time, then you will need to style something new. No same style, walk or poses repeats. Style notecards are required.

Audition Stylecard – Send InWorld to Gabie Meads

Audition theme is for the Second Round:

Winter Minimalist

(a) The Chairman shall determine, in their sole judgment, the delegates for Miss Continent by hiring professional judges. The judges are required to follow a strict voting protocol. No votes shall be adjusted for anyone. Hopefuls who pass to become Official Delegates will receive a private message.

(b) If you do not hear from us this means you did not pass. You can audition again and how many chances you have depends on when you entered. If you entered the last round this means you only have one chance. If you do not pass this means you will need to try again next year.

(c) The selection and number of judges at each stage of the Pageant shall be at the Chairman’s sole discretion and the judge’s decision at all stages of the Miss Continent is final. No inquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be accepted. I shall accept and abide by any and all decisions made by the Chairman and the panel of judges.

Anyone who decides or demands to misbehave in a poor manner will place themselves in a situation where said person in question will get banned.

All former delegates are allowed to compete more than once. This does not guarantee a placement for the former delegates when she enters again. Winners may not compete in Miss Continent in the future.

Do not send anything that is not required from you. People have done this in the past. Do not make the same mistakes because it will cost points for not listening. Everything you do counts just as much off the runway. Pageants are not just about styling and getting votes.

You are NOT allowed to change your hair color, skin tone, mesh body, mesh shape (hover doesn’t count) or eye color during the competition. You must be your current self-according to the photos you submitted. This is why we ask for new photography. If you want a makeover then do it before entering. Your photographs must match the current you.  

You can change your hair style all you like. Also, all models of all heights are accepted. You do not need to be a 8 foot bean stock to enter.

The Auditionee cannot enter in another pageant during her application/audition process in Miss Continent pageant. We ask the question; Do you plan on participating in another pageant?

If answered YES, that applicant is automatically disqualified.

If answered NO but we catch you entering in another pageant. That is automatic disqualification.

  • NO talk of Religions.
  • NO talk of Politics.
  • NO Protests related to RL issues.
  • NO non-pageant statements.
  • NO Drama.
  • NO unwarranted trouble.
  • DO NOT bring RL issues.

This is a pageant. This is a safe environment for all women to grow as professionals and further their careers. If anyone stirs up any kind of unwarranted trouble just because their views are different then yours. You will get banned and anyone else involved. This includes guests you have invited and they become involved. We are an Organization running a professional business.

No cheating, lying, scamming, stealing, copyright, or trademark infringement. Any harassment will result in a block, report and banned.